Spafinder Wellness 365™ is Brown-Bagging It This Fall

Spafinder Wellness 365™ and the iconic Bloomingdale’s have made a fashionable statement by joining together for a new partnership. This collaboration between two great brands provides tremendous exposure to you and connects you to clients aligned with your goals.

Key Points of the Promotion:

  •  Offer: Those that purchase $1,000 in bedding at Bloomingdale’s will receive a $150 Spafinder Wellness 365 Promo Card (expires December 31, 2014).
  • Quantity of Cards:  850 promo cards produced for online and stores (27 stores in the country, from NYC to California).
  • Communication: In-store signage, online, email blast, catalog, and social media.

 Just a quick reminder: You should redeem these promo cards normally (the only difference with these cards is that they have the Bloomingdales logo on the back).

Mother’s Day Partnerships & Media Buzz

Spafinder Mother's Day Partnerships and Media Buzz

Photo courtesy of Teleflora

Our corporate gift sales and marketing teams have been busy forging new partnerships that will send more business to you—after all, you are what we are all about! Here are just a few of the highlights:


Teleflora, the world’s leading flower delivery service, is helping shoppers “Deliver Bliss” to moms by combining a new line of exquisite Mother’s Day bouquets with a Spafinder Wellness 365™ eGift Card. The campaign started April 21 and the gift cards are available in increments of $25, $50, and $100. As an added bonus, Teleflora is also offering online shoppers a chance to win fabulous prizes, including Spafinder Wellness 365 Gift Card and spa-related daily prize giveaways.


MOTRIN® and JOHNSON’S® Baby are giving moms a chance to win “me time” instantly with Spafinder Wellness 365 eGift Cards. They are also presenting an incentive to all sweepstakes entrants to purchase gift cards in time for Mother’s Day.


A new campaign with Diaper Genie encourages moms to “Treat Yourselves Well” by offering a Spafinder Wellness 365 Gift Card with the purchase of Diaper Genie refills. The campaign also includes a “Mommy and Me Yoga Guide,” showing moms how to combine fit time with fun time.

Spafinder Wellness 365 Gift Cards will be featured on upcoming segments of The Talk (seen by 1.8 million female viewers), The Today Show (4.8 million), The Katie Couric Show (1.1 women), and Dr. Phil (4.3-plus million viewers). Our partners are also starring in Mom’s Day promotions with brands like Jazzercise and Plus, nationwide press coverage will recommend our gift cards and our fabulous Partner Network (that means you!)   

As well, our Canadian team has been busy cultivating new partnerships and building distribution channels as well—which has won Spafinder a great deal of marketing exposure with both the B2C and B2B audiences. Examples include being featured as prizing and working closely with 3M, LG Electronics, and Thyme Maternity.

What’s in Store for You This Spring

160764091_75Spring is the season for renewal, which is why the Spafinder Wellness 365™ team has been working nonstop to provide you with exciting changes, including new, easy-to-use partner portal updates and flashier amenities on your listing to accommodate the six million-plus consumers each year who engage with our site and our resources every day. Discover what’s in full bloom—here are a few of the revisions that have been completed or are on the horizon:

  • An easier-to-navigate, more polished partner portal—stay tuned for additional upcoming enhancements to be featured in next month’s newsletter!
  • You now have the ability to upload PDF treatment menus instead of simply linking to your menu on a webpage.
  • As noted in last month’s newsletter, travel partners now have the capability to: disable Yelp reviews; upload their own “hero image” at the top of their listing on; and identify the types of specials they are posting on

6 Marketing Tips to Increase Mother’s Day Traffic

iStock_000020090128XSmallBy far, the number-one thing moms want this Mother’s Day is a “relaxing spa treatment or beauty service,” according to Spafinder Wellness 365™’s 2014 Mother’s Day survey*—which means this day devoted to mom is the perfect holiday to set in motion new goals that will increase the amount of consumers who come through your doors. From rebranding the couples massage to turning to Spafinder for help, use these six ideas to celebrate both mom and your business.

Accentuate the couples massage: Contrary to popular belief, the couples massage does not only pertain to significant others—emphasize to clients that it is an excellent way to socialize, bond, and relax with moms, daughters, aunts, anyone deemed worthy of a Mother’s Day treat. Also stress that couples massage is a great introduction to the spa world for those who may be hesitant about heading to a spa.

Utilize Post unlimited Mother’s Day events, deals, and packages on your listing and make the most of our Last Minute tool for not-yet-booked appointments.

Take advantage of “last calls”: Check out our “Don’t Miss Out” section below to see which marketing sponsorship opportunities sound fitting for your business.

Offer BOGO Promotions: For example, “buy one treatment and/or spin class, mom gets one free” and other mother-daughter discount promotions; The Oaks at Ojai in Ojai, California, currently has a prime example of this type of package deal on its listing.

Start a social media campaign: Create a community feel by asking clients to share their favorite wellness tips from mom on social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter.

Throw in a little something extra: Provide moms with a little bonus gift, i.e., if they purchase a manicure/pedicure at your spa, throw in a beauty product free of charge; if they book a personal training session, throw in 15 minutes extra, etc.

*Survey of 1,100-plus consumers, March-April 2014, Spafinder Wellness 365

Banner Day: Why You Should Invest in Banner Promotions

Banners are an exceptional way to highlight your business and get your message across. Banners afford the ability to include video, rich content marketing your property or a special event/promotion, stunning images, and more. Want to discuss a plan that works for you? Contact your sales rep at

As well, here are beautiful examples of recent banners that have graced the site—take a look and generate some ideas of your own!

Spring Cleaning: Sleek Makeover for Travel Partner Pages

We’re spring cleaning here in the Spafinder Wellness 365™ office, and that means we’re springing into action to give our travel partner pages a fresh new look. We’ve made some exciting revisions to create a higher-end, sleeker feel—all while offering convenient enhancements to our travel partners and a heightened experience for customers looking at your listing on Travel partners, head to to see the fantastic redesign, plus, read on for additional upgrades.

•Travel partners have the capability to disable Yelp Reviews.

• Travel partners have the ability to upload their own “hero image” at the top of their listing on

• Travel partners are now able to identify the types of specials they are posting on

How to Give a Proper [Sales] Tour of Your Gym

The beginning of each new year brings an influx of clients through gym and studio doors, as exercise enthusiasts aim to keep good on their resolution to kick start 2014 in a fit and healthy style. We received this feature on ways to give a proper, successful promotional tour of your fitness facility that convinces prospects to become members and thought it would be the perfect time to share.

By Curtis Mock,;

The tour is your opportunity to convince a prospect to become a member of your gym.  Unfortunately, when done incorrectly, it’s also a great way to lose a sale.

I want to begin by saying that there is no “perfect” tour.

However, based on my experience, here are some tips that will give you the greatest opportunity to close more sales.

First of all, the tour strategies mentioned below require a proper tour setup, consisting of a strong greeting and prequalification.  Your greeting should make the prospect feel that they are the most important person in the world at that moment.  In addition, a prequalification form should be used every time, without exception.

I repeat, use a prequalification form EVERY time.

By filling out a prequalification form with your prospect, not only will it help provide you ammunition to overcome any objections they have, it also allows you some conversation points to get them to know you, like you, and trust you.

I like to start each tour by letting the prospect know that “When I finish showing you around, I have a special opportunity for you.”  This lets them know that you will be asking them to join today, eliminating any surprise when you do.  Then we begin the tour.

Don’t give the same tour to every prospect

Based on their prequalification form, you’ll know what interests them the most.  If they say they’re interested in getting stronger, don’t start by showing them the cardio equipment.

If they say they’re interested in classes, don’t take them to the free weights.  Every tour should start in the area in which they will be most interested.  If you don’t, they won’t  be able to focus on the other great aspects of your gym because they’ll be waiting to see the amenities they are looking for most.

Ask a lot of questions that stimulate a YES response.

Questions like “It’s a nice gym isn’t it?”, and “We have lots of classes, don’t we?”, and “I assume your spouse supports your decision to improve your health?”.  The idea is to get them to say yes as many times as possible so that you create a pattern of positive responses, causing them to say yes when you present prices as well.

Always remember that telling is not selling.  You need to stimulate the prospect’s thought process and get them to tell you the reasons they are at your gym.  If you tell them, it won’t influence their decision.  But when they decide for themselves and verbalize it to you, your chance of selling to them increases exponentially.

Ask them questions that force them to think, and to reply emotionally.  “Why is it so important for you to become a member here?” or “How will your life change if you lose those 40 pounds you mentioned a moment ago?” or “Tell me about the moment that caused you to come in today to make this change in your life?”

Before you present prices, get one more YES.

After you have finished touring the facility and asking lots of questions, you will ask one final commitment question, which will provide the perfect transition to the price presentation. This question will allow you to gain a final commitment that will remain fresh in their mind before you present prices.

Ask questions such as, “You’re going to like it here, don’t you think?”, or “You can picture yourself working out here, can’t you?”, or “The gym has everything you need to meet your goals doesn’t it?”

You want to make them feel as if they have already made a commitment to a membership. If they do have any concerns or questions, pause on the floor and address all questions before presenting prices. Once all objections are satisfied, ask them to have a seat so you can help them decide which membership option is best for them.

The tour is typically the area where a sale is won or lost.

By controlling the conversation and asking a series of questions, your tour can easily take half an hour. No matter the size of your facility, a tour should never take less than 10 minutes, even if you’re in a 500-square-foot space.  Doesn’t matter. Keep them talking and get them to know, like and trust you.

They have likely toured other facilities, so make sure your tour is the most memorable. They need to feel that your gym is the answer to all of their problems.

Remember, there is no perfect tour process, but if you implement these strategies and are genuine in your approach, you will find that the sale will be made long before you present prices.

About Curtis Mock: Curtis Mock is the creator of and author of a weekly newsletter, Gym Goldmine, which has more than 3,000 subscribed health club owners.

It’s Showtime!

Turn on your TV and tune in to see Spafinder’s first-ever TV commercials! To signify our global reach, there are U.S.-*, UK-, and Canada-specific versions, though all 15- and 30-second spots carry the same objectives: a) to drive traffic to our websites and your listings; b) to boost business for partners accepting Spafinder Gift Cards; and c) to showcase our new branding, ultimately bringing more customers through your doors.

View the commercials here:

– 30-second spot

– 15-second spot

* Atlanta is currently being used as a test market with plans to expand throughout the U.S. soon.

U.S. Partners, Download Our Partner App

The Spafinder Wellness 365™ Partner App has launched! Available to U.S. partners (will be available globally soon!), the new application makes redeeming Spafinder Gift Cards (digital, plastic, or paper certificate) fast and easy: scan the card, validate, and redeem in seconds. Download NOW.

  • Download to any iPhone or iPad (Android coming soon)
  • Allows you to validate and redeem our gift cards in seconds!
  • Offers a history of other cards you’ve redeemed via the app (in the near future, all cards redeemed via any method will be available to view)

Questions or feedback? Contact your dedicated Account Manager or

Your Enhanced Listing Now Gives You Access to Last Minute

Good news! Effective immediately, your Enhanced Listing on now includes free access to Last Minute, our last minute availability and yield tool. Let us help you fill gaps in your booking calendar. Post reoccurring appointments or log in daily to post those open times. Let us help you maximize the productivity of your staff, treatment rooms, and classes, all while attracting a new customer. To learn more about this service, which is 100% performance driven (no cost to you unless an appointment is booked), go to the Last Minute Deals tab in the partner portal:

  • When you get to the tab, simply review the instructions and terms, select your metro area (if you do not find your city, select “Nationwide”)

For questions or help in setting up last minute, contact your account manager or Alexandra Corey at: